Frequently Asked Questions

How does an organization sign up to use Sola?

The first step in signing up is to contact us, either directly or through our website. We will then need to create a custom integration strategy for your donor data. Once integration is complete, you can add as many users as you want and get started tracking your support raising.
Learn more on our Onboarding Process page.

Can I try a demo account?

Yes! Click on the “Get Started For Free” button on the top of the page. Tell us a little bit about yourself and we will send you a login to the demo account so you can see exactly how Sola works.

Can I use Sola even though my organization has not signed up?

No. Only an organization can sign up to use Sola. They then give access to their staff members who want to use it. If you’d like your organization to sign up, let them know about Sola.

Does everyone in our organization need to sign up for us to use Sola?

No. You can sign up as many or as few people as you like.

Does sola replace our current accounting system?

No. We integrate with your organization’s account system and build on top of it.

What account systems does Sola work with?

We can integrate with any system you are using for accounting or donation processing.

Is our information in Sola secure?

We care a lot about the privacy and security of your donor’s information. We do not import sensitive payment information, and all traffic to and from our website is encrypted.

Is there a fee to implement Sola?

No. There are no setup fees and your first month of use is free. We are convinced you will love using Sola and will stick with it for a long time. After the first month, you are billed monthly based on the number of users using Sola.
Learn more on our Pricing page.

What’s the difference between a short-term and long-term user?

Short-term users are focused on raising money of a one-time event. They do not have recurring donors. Long-term users will have recurring support goals and will need to keep track of repeating donors. Based on the type you choose, your data will be displayed in a way that reflects these differences. Everything else-the training, the reporting, the planning- is all the same.

What if we have one accounting system that tracks donations and another that handles our expenses?

Most non-profits use two separate systems for donations and organizational accounting. We are able to securely import data from both systems to seamlessly display both donations and expenses for users.

“As Director of Operations, Sola reduces my workload considerably by allowing TLI’s employees to have instant access to their donations.”

Joe Norman, Director of Operations, Training Leaders International

Want to see more? Explore a demo account.

Let your organization know about Sola or contact us to set up an account for your organization.