Onboarding Process

Thank you for your interest in Sola. This document explains the onboarding process so that your organizations can get up and running. We have onboarded a variety of organizations that are processing millions of donations. We hope to make this as easy as possible for you.

Step 1 - Exploration and Access to a Demo Account

You will received an email with a login to our demo account. You are welcome to share this with the people in your organization that need to review our system. During this time feel free to ask us any questions you might have. We have listed the most frequently asked questions on our website.

During this time we will ask you questions about your current system, the number of users, and the current needs of your organizations. We can answer any questions you may have, especially about about how Sola reads and imports your data.

We will also look at what system you use to track donations and give you a timetable for the amount of time it would take us to create the integration between our two systems.

Step 2 - Implementation

If you decide you would like to implement Sola, we will need an email from the person who has the authority to make that decision.

Sola’s lead developer will need to talk to the person in your office that has access to your donation processing or accounting system. We need access to the system the keeps track of your donors, donations and gift schedules. The primary way we import data is through an API. If your software does not have an API we will create reports that will upload to Sola.

Step 3 - Test Phase

Once the data is being imported into Sola, your free one month trial will begin. Sola’s lead software developer will reach out to your contact and help them set up the first few users. You can then have these users confirm that their data is being imported correctly. At that point you can create as many users as you wish. We recommend having 10-15 people using Sola during the trial period who represent the different kinds of users your organization will have. This could include newly appointed missionaries, full-time missionaries, and short-term members and team leaders.

Step 4 - Support

Once you have been given complete control of creating users we will be here to answer your questions through the help page on our website. Your primary contact is welcome to email us directly as well, especially if you see any problems with the data.