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Customizable Account

Whether people are going on a short-term trip or raising support to serve long-term, Sola's customizable features enables them to create monthly or one-time fundraising goals, track one-time and recurring donations and access multiple accounts.

Provide Training

We help people who you are sending out get started quickly. Training can be expensive, but with Sola it's included and always available. We provide foundations for support-raising, written instructions, practical tips and a video series by a support-raising coach.

Real-time Data

Real-time data helps people raising support anticipate changes, or respond quickly if something unexpected happens. Sola connects to your accounting software so that those raising support always have up-to-date data. Stay in the loop with email notifications of new or lapsed donors and gifts.

Top-Level Security

We care about the privacy and financial security of all of your supporters, as well as the safety of missionaries in sensitive locations. All of our data is secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate. This is the same type of encryption the government and banks use to encrypt data. Your information is as secure as the information your bank has about you or that you disclose on your tax return.

Provide Accountability

Have a short-term team leader that wants to check in on their team's support? Now they can. Customizable user permissions allow team leaders and administrators to easily oversee others' support-raising progress while protecting sensitive donor information.

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Require a Plan

Sola allows those raising support to create a detailed plan for how they will approach their friends and family, which will lead to raising support faster. Those you appoint are given the structure they need to turn their dream of serving into a reality.

Donor Tracking

Sola can anonymize gifts from donors who do not want to be known or show the individual who has given through a business or foundation.

No More Donation Reports

Sola saves your organization time and money. No more donation reports need to be sent out! Sola provides the most up-to-date data available all the time.

Expense and Account Balance

Do your long-term workers have to wait for expense reports and are left to wonder about their account balance? You no longer have to send them or their team leaders reports, as Sola provides them with up-to-date data that is securely displayed from your accounting software.

Get Trained

Don't know where to begin? Let us help you with our training manual and videos. You get to attend hours of training for free anytime you want.

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Make a Plan

Sola guides you to map out and track everyone you want to ask support from. You can choose who you will approach from your contacts and then see and even record your results.

Keep Track of All Your Contacts

Sola allows you to filter and edit all of your contacts. You can also make personal notes or track communication with them.

Stay Up-To-Date

Sola updates daily so you will always know what has been given. No more guessing. No more wondering if a donor is lapsed. We make it easy to know exactly how much has been raised and pledged.

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Use MailChimp

Sola syncs with MailChimp so you never have to add contacts twice. Whenever you add a contact in Sola, that contact will also automatically be added to your MailChimp contacts list.

Receive Notifications

You can choose to receive automated daily emails notifying you of new or lapsed donors and unexpected gifts. Say thanks right away, or address a problem quickly.

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Create Your Own Groups

With tagging, you can create your own custom groups to track and communicate with whomever you want. Group your family or a church or your most engaged supporters. It's entirely up to you.

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Donor Care

We have created an entire section to help you track your interaction with current supporters. This will help you stay connected with the people who have sent you out.

Expense and Account Balance

You no longer have to wonder how much is in your account. Sola provides you with up-to-date expense and account balance reports so you and team leaders can know where all of the money people have given is being spent.

Want to see more? Explore a demo account.

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